John Soares vs. Dylan Hintz

Possibly our last post of 2014, we’d love to share with you a short test fight featuring the DC Stunt Coalition’s Dylan Hintz sparring with his own “professional hero” John Soares.


John is the legendary co-creator of Sockbaby, and co-founder of Westhavenbrook. He also has created from the ground up the incredible webseries, “The Danger Element“, in which he plays his flagship character, Battle Jitni.


Though they had never met in person, John and Dylan managed to cook up this nearly-non-stop minute of fighting in just a couple of hours and, thanks to Cassie Meder’s incredibly keen eye, film it on the spot. Thank you John for inviting Dylan on the first of what will be called a DCSC “Warrior’s Pilgrimage” – as inspired by the term “Musha shugyŨ” used in Street Fighter Assassin’s Fist .

Even cooler to note: this fight was featured on Film Combat Syndicate’s HIT LIST, along with action flick masters from The Stunt People‘s Eric Jacobus, Thousand Pounds Action Company’s Vonzell Carter, and Tak Sakaguchi/Yuji Shimomura of VERSUS fame. Each of these guys has had an influence on the creation of the DC Stunt Coalition, whether as an organization/production company with similar goals, or just getting co-founder Dylan Hintz’s action gears turning at one point or another with their incredible style. It’s a real honor to be featured amongst them!

At the end of the day, it’s no secret that Dylan’s career trajectory was influenced and inspired by the Westhavenbrook team’s antics, so seeing these two guys go at it is definitely a unique experience. With a limited amount of practice, they matched styles fluidly in a Shaw-brothers-esque old-school kung fu duel we hope you’ll enjoy!

With John Soares