Sam and Fuzzy: The Underground RPG

In celebration of it’s successfully funded (and twice over!) Kickstarter Campaign, we’re releasing the full-length version of our Sam and Fuzzy promo video,  “The Underground: Travis the Taxi Driver and the Really Strange Day” via our own YouTube Channel. Get ready for seven minutes of the strange, bizarre, and the most excellent! Fig Pigs, vampires, and ninja mafia fights await you in this short film by DCSC, commissioned by the incredible game makers at Damocles Thread Development!

The Underground: A Sam & Fuzzy Role-Playing Game is a tabletop RPG created by Damocles Thread Development and cartoonist Sam Logan, using mechanics built from the ground up and tailored to the unique universe of the Sam & Fuzzy comic book.

Watch as Travis, just your every day taxi-driver-delivery-guy, has to deal with all the insane and bizarre things working in the Underground has to offer him! Using the COPE game mechanic, the stranger something is, the better he can fight!

The DC Stunt Coalition’s first major in-house production – we cast, shot, choreographed, edited and helped get the Underground’s Kickstarter campaign over x2 it’s stretch goal!

Written, Directed, Shot, Edited by
Dylan Hintz

Brendan O’Donnell as Travis
Jimmy Case as Fig Pig
Mitch Marvel as Passenger
Chris “Cheech” Vitale as Mundane Mugger
Sam Lee as Ninja Mugger
Rachel Frederick as The Classic Dame
Gene Rush as Ninja Mafia Leader
Tim Wang as Ninja Mafioso Twin Bladez
Cheech Vitale as Ninja Mafioso Acro
Joey Ibanez as Ninja Mafioso Dredds

Costume Consultant: Rachel Frederick
Co Choreographers: Tim Wang/Brendan O’Donnell/Dylan Hintz
Art Design: Jimmy Case