Little Mac vs. Dark Ness!

It’s been only a few short weeks since the Little Mac vs. Dark Ness video premiered on YouTube, and it’s already nearing 200,000 views! Congrats to DCSC members Tim Wang, Joseph Le, Alex Au, and Piankhi Zimmerman, who took the initiative to go out there and make some web content while we worked on LoZ: Gamers Against the Grimdark at MAGFest!



The video has already been a hit on Kotaku, Gamespot, and Film Combat Syndicate! Great to see it getting picked up by such huge and influential websites!


And finally, we did a featured interview with EndlessSoS about the video, and the show!

Dark Ness/Visual Effects: Tim Wang
Little Mac/Editor/Sound Effects: Joseph Le –…
Choreography: Tim Wang, Joseph Le
DP/Camera: Alex Au –…
Composer: Brian Thacker
Audio Engineer/Guitarist: David Johnson
Martial Arts Consultant: Piankhi Zimmerman –