SPARTACON 2015 Campaign is Live!

Spartacus Spartacon Red Serpents DC Stunt Coalition

The DC Stunt Coalition (DCSC) Gladiator have been hired by Red Serpents, LLC. to perform the official live action gladiator fights for the first official U.S. Spartacus themed fan convention, Spartacon. We’re running a campaign right now on IndieGoGo to show off all the hard work we’ve put into this, and ask for whatever tokens of appreciation you can give!

See us in full-blast training mode, preparing for epic battles in the arena! If you wish to help us in our cause to provide kick-ass fights to the Maryland convention scene, please be sure to consider contributing to this campaign! We’ll be listing all donors and businesses (with links when available) on our official Spartacon Project Page.


Our available perks are AWESOME! Order the T-Shirt if you like – it’s the first one of it’s kind for DCSC, and we’d love to get our name out there with this show-inspired design!