Escape Velocity 2016

Ready to Conquer Deep Space?

We had a blast talking phasers, sabers, and practicing the arts of sci-fighting with those who chose to boldly go with us to Escape Velocity, brought to you by the Museum of Science Fiction.

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We held five workshops throughout the weekend on sci-fighting and fight choreography, where we gave con-goers the opportunity to learn about angles of attack, movement, performance principles, and even be the action themselves with choreographed light saber duels and Avengers-styled close-quarters combat! Star Trek weapon designer Dan Curry even popped by to show us some moves!


In addition to out workshops, we held a panel on science fiction weaponry and combat called “Phasers and Sabers.” It was quite an exciting discussion!


Team Members Dylan and Abra presenting the history of SciFi weaponry during their panel, “Phasers and Sabers.”



Dylan learns from legendary visual effects artist and weapon designer Dan Curry, best known for creating the Klingon Bat’leth.


Michael rader

The Museum of Science Fiction’s Michael Rader posing with a lightsaber during one of our workshops.

DCSC Team Member and costume designer, Rachel Frederick, also worked hard as the coordinator for the silent auction, promoting science fiction as a way to build interest in STEAM education. DCSC provided security for the auction, as well.