Awesome Con 2017

We rocked Awesome Con this year, with our live-action stunt show “Whose Fight is it Anyway?”, and a behind-the-scenes fight choreography demo on Saturday afternoon at the Back Lot Stage.

Aaron channeling Bruce Lee in this bit from “Whose Fight is it Anyway?”


Wes being propelled through the air for the umpteenth time by Aaron.

We had workshops throughout the weekend featuring Swordplay, Brawling, CQC, and Women’s Slayer Self-Defense Training. They were filled to the brim with participants. We had con goers slashing and swinging, punching and kicking, and moving all throughout our booth.

Some Potential slayers, getting ready for battle!


Abra demonstrating stance and footwork (both essential for the slaying of vampires and demons).


Our own DCSC member Abra Burkett was even showed up in a segment on Fox 5, teaching anchor Lauren DeMarco how to do some basic stick fighting.

To wrap it all up, we got a special lesson in the art of CQC from Snake himself, David Hayter!

See ya next year, Awesome Con!