Escape Velocity 2017

We had such a great time at Escape Velocity this year! We put on our “sci-fighting” workshops everyday in the Exhibitor Hall, performed a stunt fighting show during Doomtastic’s trivia (featuring some…unlikely pairings), and topped it all off with a return of our panel “Phasers and Sabers.”


Instructor Tu-An Troung taking con-goers through some lightsaber combat

A group of young padawans working through the moves.

Instructor Anthony Parker teaching some Kali basics.

Instructor Elliot Merker, taking participants through some basic saber fighting.

Instructors Tu-An and Abra demonstrating the choreography.

Some younger participants, showing what they learned.

Our DC Stunt Coalition team on Saturday night, ready to get their fight on!

We are so glad we were able to participate in this year’s Escape Velocity! Thank you to¬†The Museum of Science Fiction for having us back. We cannot wait until next year!