October 48 Hour Film Project

We made another 48 Hour Film! This time, the overall theme was Horror, and we got the sub-genre “Ghost.” This resulted in the newest DC Stunt Coalition 48 hour film, “Ghost Cop Part 2”!

Check out our trailer here:

Also take a look at our behind the scenes videos and pics!


A look at our ghosts, Tu-An Troung, Brian Labay, and Minh Huynh.

Minh Huynh, having some fun on wires (thanks to Rick Kain for lending us his awesome rigging skills)!

The power of a talisman!

Darin Hemmer and Patrick Boyer

Dylan Hintz getting a shot of our main character, Jericho (played by Wes Cianchette), getting ready to sword fight a ghost!

Our excellent make-up team.

Our cops, talking to Pat Nelson (the driver) about “suspicious activity.”

Such a happily possessed family.

Dylan Hintz, working out the shot for our ghosts.

Choreographing a supernatural fight.

Kara Kinsey, posing as a possessed “pinup” housewife.

We had so much fun shooting  this one, and had an amazing cast and crew. Not only did we get to work with some stellar actors (including our lead-DCSC member Wes Cianchette in his debut role!), we were also the beneficiaries of the amazing effects talents of Patrick Boyer (who also played our Final Boss Ghost) and Lauren Anderson Рwho came through and gave us some incredible ghost-effects that go way beyond the Beyond.

Our film screened at the Landmark Theater in DC on Halloween night, along with some other solid films. We are thrilled with how it turned out, and can’t wait until we get to participate in next year’s 48!