Awesome Con 2018

The DC Stunt Coalition had another awesome time at Awesome Con! On Friday, we put on a demo at the Backlot stage to give audience members a behind-the-scenes look at how we develop our action and stunts for TV and film. This was our first time doing a show of this sort, and it was a lot of fun for us!

Dylan Hintz and DC Stunt Coalition members explaining how to frame action with the aptly-named framing device, “Framey.” (This is literally just a frame)

Framing the action!

Demonstrating what a fight looks like in a wide shot.

We spend the rest of our weekend at our booth in the Backlot. Though we were unable to do workshops this time around, we were thrilled to be able to teach and play around one-on-one with people while representing the Coalition.


DC Stunt Coalition member Geoff Boggs playing with a cosplayer at our booth.

Member Abra Burkett training a young cosplayer in stick fighting.





We also got the chance to train with Stephen Amell of Arrow in some Kali!

Dylan is so excited to be doing Sinawali with The Arrow, himself!

Abra Burkett, Penelope Talleur, and Dylin Hintz with Stephen Amell

Thanks again, Awesome Con, for giving us the opportunity to come in and do what we love. We can’t wait to see what we get up to next year!