A Summer of Training and Festivals!

We had an awesome summer at DC Stunt Coalition! We put on and hosted two workshops during our Sunday sessions, and our film Ghost Cop Part 2 was screened at multiple festivals.


In July, we held a pop-up workshop on the fighting style of Mission Impossible: Fallout, in order to promote the film with help from Allied DC. We had a ton of fun teaching people the tactical combatives shown in the movie, and how to apply them to fight scenes.

Members Taylor Bezzera and Zach Stetka battling it out with some of our MI: Fallout-inspired choreography.

Following that, we hosted Kang Kai Lewis for a Silat-for-film workshop (AKA the fighting style of The Raid). We had a huge turnout! Everyone learned a cool new fighting and movement style, and we got some great fights out of it.

Check out our highlight reel of the event to get a taste of what we worked on:


Blood in the Water!

In August, we did a little promotional video for THE MEG, sponsored by Allied DC. This was a blast to make!


Ghost Cop Part 2 got into Iron Dragon TV Film Festival, Action on Film Festival, and GenreBlast III.

We got to go to all three of these festivals and check out the other films being screened. It was a lot of fun to be able to spend time with other content producers and performers.