The End of 2018 at DCSC

It was a busy and exciting 2018 for  the DC Stunt Coalition! Over the last months of the year, we had content released from two projects we worked on, and we did another 48 Hour Film Project (which won 2 awards and got nominated for 8 others).

Johnny Z

Throughout the summer, DCSC members worked on Johnny Z (2019), a zombie martial arts movie directed by Jonathan Straiton. The film will star martial arts Grandmaster Felix Cortes as Jonray, who trains the titular character, the zombie Johnny (played by Michal Merchant), in order to take down an evil corporation. DC Stunt Coalition’s Dylan Hintz was the Action Designer, and several DCSC members contributed their skills with stunt and acting performances throughout the film as zombies, guards, and paramilitary baddies. Abra Burkett will also have a cameo role as a bad-ass bodyguard for a key character.

You can check out the trailer here:

In July, the Coalition was contacted by producer DJ Tony Drake to help provide a live-action storyboard for his short film, “The Indies”. Darin Hemmer, Zachary Stetka, and Abra Burkett performed as previsualization fighters in a sequence choreographed by Dylan. The final product has since been animated and released both online and to a number of festivals around the world. We are so pleased with how it all turned out! The short is fantastic, and we are greatly looking forward to the development of the full series.

We also joined forces with local director, Joe Carabeo, to create a mosh-pit sequence for “HARDCORE” – an upcoming punk-rock coming of age tale set in the DMV.

We have also been keeping up with our training and shenanigans at the gym. Here are some of our latest test fights and videos:

Logan Beverage has been helping us train our Stage Combat sword work. One of our production team members, Logan attended the National Stage Combat Workshop for the Society of American Fight Directors, to better hone his skills and bring some helpful knowledge back to the gym!

Speaking of Stage Combat, Dylan assisted instructed for local Fight Director, Casey Kaleba, during a week long Unarmed Stage Combat Intensive for Fairfax County Public School’s high school theater departments. Basically – one of own in-house coaches helped a major teacher teach teachers for a week!

In October, member Ebenezer Ariori produced this Halloween short for us:

In the fall, Dylan and Abra put together a test fight as a sample for a Kung Fu-style film Dylan would choreograph and co-star in for the Feirstein School of Cinema in Brooklyn, NYC.

Abra V. Dylan test fight:

Coming Up

We will be at Awesome Con, Escape Velocity, and All-Star Comic Con in 2019! Come by and check out our workshops, shows, and panels.

On a final note, it is with great sadness that we say goodbye to friend and former DC Stunt Coalition member, Jonathan Henderson, who passed late in November. He was with the Coalition from 2014-2016, and was one of our most talented and prominent members. His energy and charisma brought joy into every training session, and made his performances truly memorable.

You will be greatly missed, Hendo.