SPARTACON 2015 Campaign is Live!

Spartacus Spartacon Red Serpents DC Stunt Coalition

The DC Stunt Coalition (DCSC) Gladiator have been hired by Red Serpents, LLC. to perform the official live action gladiator fights for the first official U.S. Spartacus themed fan convention, Spartacon. We’re running a campaign right now on IndieGoGo to show off all the hard work we’ve put into this, and ask for whatever tokens of appreciation you can give!

See us in full-blast training mode, preparing for epic battles in the arena! If you wish to help us in our cause to provide kick-ass fights to the Maryland convention scene, please be sure to consider contributing to this campaign! We’ll be listing all donors and businesses (with links when available) on our official Spartacon Project Page.


Our available perks are AWESOME! Order the T-Shirt if you like – it’s the first one of it’s kind for DCSC, and we’d love to get our name out there with this show-inspired design!


Here’s our trailer for the short film, “Death Blender” made for the Washington DC 48 Hour Film Project. Created by the DC Stunt Coalition.


A man must rely on his wife’s ex-husband to rescue her from the clutches of an evil cult leader.

Premieres with Group F on Saturday, May 9th, at 9:45 PM at AFI Silver in Silver Spring, MD


Warren Hull as Mike 
Brendan O’Donnell as Brent Davenport
Shaina Higgins as Bridget 
Tom Hyre as Professor Kreiger (also co-writer!)

Patrick Boyer as The Melvin (also makeup!)
Mark Shapiro as The Lurch Man 
Rachel Frederick as The Assistant (also costumes and co-writer!)

Cheech Vitale
Moses Rodrigues
D.j. Smith

as the Hunters

Guest Appearances by
Trevor Hintz
Joshua White
Jimmy Case 
As the Missionaries

Assistant Director / Editor Brett Heidenreich

Thanks Randy and Claudia!

Directed, Shot, Edited and Co-Written by Dylan Hintz

Genre: Horror
Prop: Photo of a relative
Line: “Let me see what I can do”
Character: Brent / Bridget Davenport – a Runner Up

Little Mac vs. Dark Ness!

It’s been only a few short weeks since the Little Mac vs. Dark Ness video premiered on YouTube, and it’s already nearing 200,000 views! Congrats to DCSC members Tim Wang, Joseph Le, Alex Au, and Piankhi Zimmerman, who took the initiative to go out there and make some web content while we worked on LoZ: Gamers Against the Grimdark at MAGFest!



The video has already been a hit on Kotaku, Gamespot, and Film Combat Syndicate! Great to see it getting picked up by such huge and influential websites!


And finally, we did a featured interview with EndlessSoS about the video, and the show!

Dark Ness/Visual Effects: Tim Wang
Little Mac/Editor/Sound Effects: Joseph Le –…
Choreography: Tim Wang, Joseph Le
DP/Camera: Alex Au –…
Composer: Brian Thacker
Audio Engineer/Guitarist: David Johnson
Martial Arts Consultant: Piankhi Zimmerman –

Armed Gamer Interview

We were very fortunate to have Armed Gamer approach and interview Dylan Hintz about The Legend of Zelda: Gamers Against the Grimdark and the DC Stunt Coalition‘s back story and training philosophies at MAGFest 13!

What’s even more awesome? It shows some clips from our stunt show, featuring fights between Link, M. Bison, Knuckles, Wario, and more!

armed gamer

Thanks Armed Gamer!

Swords of Insurgency Trailer

The DC Stunt Coalition has been working a long time with Michael Neal and his team on the post-apocalyptic webseries, Swords of Insurgency.

Swords of Insurgency Trailer from Omar juarez on Vimeo.

Dylan Hintz has served as action director, and co-choreographs fights with James Couche of the Film Makers Collaborative and Red Betta Films  in Richmond, VA.


Rebecca Hausman as Abi vs Josh Kearney as The Hunter in the final boss fight of the first episode!

The trailer was also featured on Film Combat Syndicate!

You can also read some fun Q&As with the cast and crew featuring characters such as the exiled warrior Abi (Rebeccas Hausman), the rebel leader Talos (David Norton), and the evil prince Droll (Jarod Kearney).