July at DCSC

At the very end of June, the DCSC wrote, shot, and edited a short film in 48 hours for the DC 48 Hour Film Project. Our film, “By Good Rights,” (a western) starred Aaron Supernaw, Abra Burkett, Brian Labay, and Tu-An Truong. It screened at the AFI Silver in mid-July. And yes, it featured some pretty cool stunts!

Test Fights

We have also been very busy at the gym, training hard and filming test fights. Here is one of our newer videos.


Coming Up…

We have a ton of projects and events on the horizon.

On August 5th, we will be representing at A Call 2 Action, a martial arts talent competition and boot camp. We will be demoing some fights we’ve been working on! We will also have a table at the event.

On August 12th, we will be at Heroic Aleworks for their Beer Release Party (co-hosted by the Museum of Science Fiction). We will be running our fight choreography workshops at 2 and 5 PM. Come by and learn a little but about our craft!

And, of course, from September 1-3, we will be at The Museum of Science Fiction’s Escape Velocity. Come and check out this “micro futuristic world’s fair to promote STEAM education.” While you are there, stop by our sci-fighting workshops, enjoy our performance during Saturday night trivia, and watch our panel “Phasers vs. Sabers.” It is sure to be a blast!

Awesome Con 2017

We rocked Awesome Con this year, with our live-action stunt show “Whose Fight is it Anyway?”, and a behind-the-scenes fight choreography demo on Saturday afternoon at the Back Lot Stage.

Aaron channeling Bruce Lee in this bit from “Whose Fight is it Anyway?”


Wes being propelled through the air for the umpteenth time by Aaron.

We had workshops throughout the weekend featuring Swordplay, Brawling, CQC, and Women’s Slayer Self-Defense Training. They were filled to the brim with participants. We had con goers slashing and swinging, punching and kicking, and moving all throughout our booth.

Some Potential slayers, getting ready for battle!


Abra demonstrating stance and footwork (both essential for the slaying of vampires and demons).


Our own DCSC member Abra Burkett was even showed up in a segment on Fox 5, teaching anchor Lauren DeMarco how to do some basic stick fighting.

To wrap it all up, we got a special lesson in the art of CQC from Snake himself, David Hayter!

See ya next year, Awesome Con!

Riverment: An AU Student Film

In March and April, a bunch of DCSC members participated in the stunts, acting, and production of a couple of films in the DMV area.


We were fortunate enough to be able to participate in two scenes for the American University student film Riverment. This film “explores the evolving fight for Black rights in America and how it affects family through generations.  Focusing on the dynamic relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter, this film centers women and showcases how women have always been, and will continue to be, in the forefront of the movement. The film is set present day during the brink of a new age revolution against police brutality.”

Dylan Hintz coordinated and choreographed the stunts for the 1960s diner scene and the 2017 riot scene. Both involved several other DCSC members as cast and crew.

Brendan O’Donell and Jeff Mueller on set for the 1960s diner shoot.

Dylan Hintz directing actor Kenneth Dickerson Jr. and DCSC member Tu-An Truong.

Dylan Hintz directing rioters.

DCSC members Tim Johnson and Felix Cortez filming an altercation between a rioter and a SWAT team member.


Dylan Hintz with Felix Cortez, working out the logistics of a scene.

Dylan Hintz directing rioters.

Thank you so much director Shayla Racquel, and the rest of the Riverment film team, for involving us in your shoot! We can’t wait to see the final product!

MAGFest 2017

 MAGFest 2017

MAGFight: “Guardians of the Grimdark”

We premiered our third installment in the Gamers Against the Grimdark series! Our cast this time around featured characters from games such as Prince of Persia, Fallout, Kingdom Hearts, League of Legends, and Overwatch. It was a hit! If you missed it, you can watch the full show here.


The cast after the show.


Tom Evans as Sora jumping into the attack on Trevor Hintz’s Protoman.

Our “heroes” responding to the threat of the mythical Game Shark.

The villains, led by Brian Labay as Commander Shepard, plotting their takeover of the Gameverse.


Round 1: Fight!

We also hosted a workshop, teaching some fight choreography and movement basics to con goers.


Warming up!

Abra Burkett helps demonstrate the Kali and CQC inspired fight choreography.

Our participants getting ready to brawl!

All in all, MagFest 2017 was a huge success!

We would like to thank our hosts for being so gracious and allowing us the opportunity to perform. We also give our appreciation to all the Mag-goers who came to our show and participated in our workshop! We hope you had as much fun as we did!

SpartaCon II


spartacon group

Rebels SpartaCon II was a success! The DCSC Gladiators fought through blood, sweat, tears, and sand. After many epic battles, only a lucky few could claim victory in the arena.



Valkyrie vs. Chain sword wielding mad man



Group battle!



Pict rebel vs. Roman soldier

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The Doctore



Our team with Liam!


We also want to thank our own Francisco Guerra and Penelope Talleur for these awesome pictures!