Armed Gamer Interview

We were very fortunate to have Armed Gamer approach and interview Dylan Hintz about The Legend of Zelda: Gamers Against the Grimdark and the DC Stunt Coalition‘s back story and training philosophies at MAGFest 13!

What’s even more awesome? It shows some clips from our stunt show, featuring fights between Link, M. Bison, Knuckles, Wario, and more!

armed gamer

Thanks Armed Gamer!

Swords of Insurgency Trailer

The DC Stunt Coalition has been working a long time with Michael Neal and his team on the post-apocalyptic webseries, Swords of Insurgency.

Swords of Insurgency Trailer from Omar juarez on Vimeo.

Dylan Hintz has served as action director, and co-choreographs fights with James Couche of the Film Makers Collaborative and Red Betta Films  in Richmond, VA.


Rebecca Hausman as Abi vs Josh Kearney as The Hunter in the final boss fight of the first episode!

The trailer was also featured on Film Combat Syndicate!

You can also read some fun Q&As with the cast and crew featuring characters such as the exiled warrior Abi (Rebeccas Hausman), the rebel leader Talos (David Norton), and the evil prince Droll (Jarod Kearney).

Super Bowl Ad – #GoodellMustGo

We worked with Revolution Messaging to put together this edgy Super Bowl ad, made for UltraViolet  and featured by Sports Illustrated, that will appear before the big game this weekend!

The ad, created by the progressive advocacy group Ultraviolet, includes a dramatic video of a uniformed football player tackling a woman without a helmet. The video notes that 55 domestic abuse cases in the NFL have gone unanswered under the leadership of league commissioner Roger Goodell, and it ends with the hashtag “#GOODELLMUSTGO.”

Huffington Post Article Article

Big hand for our incredible DCSC team members who took the hard hits necessary to get the impact of this campaign across, Matt Bergevin and Kristen Pilgrim (who last worked together on the Greek God Play, “Across the River Styx”).


John Soares vs. Dylan Hintz

Possibly our last post of 2014, we’d love to share with you a short test fight featuring the DC Stunt Coalition’s Dylan Hintz sparring with his own “professional hero” John Soares.


John is the legendary co-creator of Sockbaby, and co-founder of Westhavenbrook. He also has created from the ground up the incredible webseries, “The Danger Element“, in which he plays his flagship character, Battle Jitni.


Though they had never met in person, John and Dylan managed to cook up this nearly-non-stop minute of fighting in just a couple of hours and, thanks to Cassie Meder’s incredibly keen eye, film it on the spot. Thank you John for inviting Dylan on the first of what will be called a DCSC “Warrior’s Pilgrimage” – as inspired by the term “Musha shugyō” used in Street Fighter Assassin’s Fist .

Even cooler to note: this fight was featured on Film Combat Syndicate’s HIT LIST, along with action flick masters from The Stunt People‘s Eric Jacobus, Thousand Pounds Action Company’s Vonzell Carter, and Tak Sakaguchi/Yuji Shimomura of VERSUS fame. Each of these guys has had an influence on the creation of the DC Stunt Coalition, whether as an organization/production company with similar goals, or just getting co-founder Dylan Hintz’s action gears turning at one point or another with their incredible style. It’s a real honor to be featured amongst them!

At the end of the day, it’s no secret that Dylan’s career trajectory was influenced and inspired by the Westhavenbrook team’s antics, so seeing these two guys go at it is definitely a unique experience. With a limited amount of practice, they matched styles fluidly in a Shaw-brothers-esque old-school kung fu duel we hope you’ll enjoy!

With John Soares

Sam and Fuzzy: The Underground RPG

In celebration of it’s successfully funded (and twice over!) Kickstarter Campaign, we’re releasing the full-length version of our Sam and Fuzzy promo video,  “The Underground: Travis the Taxi Driver and the Really Strange Day” via our own YouTube Channel. Get ready for seven minutes of the strange, bizarre, and the most excellent! Fig Pigs, vampires, and ninja mafia fights await you in this short film by DCSC, commissioned by the incredible game makers at Damocles Thread Development!

The Underground: A Sam & Fuzzy Role-Playing Game is a tabletop RPG created by Damocles Thread Development and cartoonist Sam Logan, using mechanics built from the ground up and tailored to the unique universe of the Sam & Fuzzy comic book.

Watch as Travis, just your every day taxi-driver-delivery-guy, has to deal with all the insane and bizarre things working in the Underground has to offer him! Using the COPE game mechanic, the stranger something is, the better he can fight!

The DC Stunt Coalition’s first major in-house production – we cast, shot, choreographed, edited and helped get the Underground’s Kickstarter campaign over x2 it’s stretch goal!

Written, Directed, Shot, Edited by
Dylan Hintz

Brendan O’Donnell as Travis
Jimmy Case as Fig Pig
Mitch Marvel as Passenger
Chris “Cheech” Vitale as Mundane Mugger
Sam Lee as Ninja Mugger
Rachel Frederick as The Classic Dame
Gene Rush as Ninja Mafia Leader
Tim Wang as Ninja Mafioso Twin Bladez
Cheech Vitale as Ninja Mafioso Acro
Joey Ibanez as Ninja Mafioso Dredds

Costume Consultant: Rachel Frederick
Co Choreographers: Tim Wang/Brendan O’Donnell/Dylan Hintz
Art Design: Jimmy Case