About Us

Founded in 2011 by Dylan Hintz and Daniel Lee Mascarello, The DC Stunt Coalition is a  DC, Maryland, and Virginia based training and networking organization for those interested in the profession of stunts for film and stage, and all it entails.

Mission Statement

  • To offer a safe, reliable, friendly and informative training environment for those hoping to go into the profession of stunt work.
  • To provide a a collection of basic techniques, skills, and conditioning methods that are found in the professional industry.
  • To maintain a standard of quality and professionalism for independent stunt work in the DC area.

Join our Community

Dream of becoming a stunt performer in the professional industry? We provide a solid launch pad to get you the basic skills and information necessary to begin your career.

Are you an actor, and want to prepare? Have an action-heavy role you need training for? We’re here to provide you with some basic skills in Action Acting, and critical knowledge including camera awareness and how to work with the stunt team.

Our training methods also function as an alternative fitness program for adults. Even if you’ve never done a stunt, a fight, or an action scene. If you’re looking to sharpen your basic conditioning, mobility, agility, or other action skills, come on in!

Whatever your niche, we are always looking to share information and build up resources for stunt and fight talent in the DC Area!

For more information, check out this interview with Co-Founder Dylan Hintz, by Kevin Sampson of Picture Lock, about Stunts in the DMV, from the first annual Indie Capitol Awards in 2014.

Some of the tools we play with: