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The DC Stunt Coalition has provided the local film and stage industry with stunt and fight resources since 2011.

Our Film and Video Clients Include:

Fantasy Combat Academy Live Action Workshop

LIVE ACTION Stage Shows and Workshops

The DC Stunt Coalition has produced it’s own stage shows and workshops for various fan conventions.

  • The Legend of Zelda: Gamers Against the Grimdark” – Our full length, hour long stage play, written, directed and produced in house by Dylan Hintz and members of the DC Stunt Coalition. It premiered at MAGFest 13 to a crowd of over 1,000 fans.
  • “Across The River Styx” – Produced by Darrell Poe and Written/Directed by Matthew Marcus, the DCSC took on fight direction and performance duties for this incredible Greek-God action play that performed at the Clifton Town Hall Drama Workshop Session in September 2014
  • “Mystery of the MAGFest Files” 2014 Fight Choreography Workshop – Invited by MAGFest to perform at their first annual 8.5 event.
  • “Otakon Solid” 2014 Fight Choreography 101 Workshop  –  Invited back to perform our workshop at Otakon, with new live action fight skits.
  • The Quest for the Mysterious Box of Awesome” 2013 – Our first workshop featuring 6 fight skits, and a live Q&A with professional, award-winning stunt woman, Angela Meryl.