MAGFight 2016

Street Fighter , Tekken , Mortal Kombat , King of Fighters , Soul Calibur


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Saturday February 20th

When: 5:30PM – 7:00PM


Where: Panels 1 (Woodrow Wilson Ballroom)

MAGFest , Enter the Grimdark , DC Stunt Coalition , Mortal Kombat , Tekken , King of Fighters, Street Fighter ,

The DC Stunt Coalition encourages you to get up and fight during this interactive, three part battle: MAGFight! Headlined on Saturday by a one-night-only, live action stunt show spectacular, “Enter the Grimdark”.

DCSC has arranged a massive martial arts tournament featuring your favorite video game characters! Team up with Player 1 and the heroines of the MBIR Agency as they fight to stop Shao Kahn and his legion of Pallet Swap Ninjas from turning all fighting games into Mortal Kombat styled death battles!

MAGFest , Stunt Show , Convention , Comicon , Video Games

Legend of Zelda: Gamers Against the Grimdark – The Movie

Thursday February 18th

When: 10PM – 11:30PM

Where: Panels 4

Before checking out the new show, be sure to come see the official movie version of last year’s show, LoZ: Gamers Against the Grimdark, with an exclusive cast and crew Q&A. And are you ready for round one?

Fight Choreography , MAGFest , Convention

Fight Choreography 101 Workshop

Friday February 19th

When: 1:30PM

Where: The Arena

Then enter the battle yourself on Friday to learn the art of Fight Choreography in the hand-to-hand combat workshop “A New Challenger!”. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates, teasers, trailers, and more!