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Located at Marvatots’n Teens in Rockville, MD, our facilities host a variety of gymnasts, martial artists, pro-wrestlers, actor combatants, trickers, free-runners, dancers, and more!

All participants must be 18 and up, and be willing to sign a waiver and photo/video release while in our facility.


Our training system is tiered in 3 Levels, that determine which classes and training a member can participate in.







BEGINNER: Come in and enjoy a workout in “motion arts”, and learn to use your body in all sorts of new ways! INTERMEDIATE: Develop basic action skills in acro, Stage Combat, and Screen Fighting Skills. Learn Performance Combat theory for your career. Train to perform with us at conventions and in live shows! ADVANCED: Join our Stunt Team and train in SAG-AFTRA industry-standard techniques and condition methods. Learn how to find the work, get the job, and launch your stunt career along side working Union Performers. If a union job comes to town, you are first in line for work through our coordinators and casting department.

DC Stunt Coalition Training Sessions, Kung Fu

BEGINNER sessions are available for both alternative fitness enthusiasts and action actors seeking to prepare for professional work. All incoming members must take at least one Beginner Session for basic evaluation, or can skip it based on the discretion of the gym operator.

INTERMEDIATE Members are encouraged to train in the beginner sessions and, pending on course material for the week and space allocation, can be invited to join in on Advanced Sessions. Members must reach this level in order to perform action or stunts in in-house productions.

ADVANCED Level participants are INVITE only, and must either have professional industry credits, a high-level martial arts, stage combat, gymnastics or other movement training method ranking, or provide credentials demonstrating an ability and determination to “go pro”. This level is for professionals.

Classes stack, so if you’re at the ADVANCED or INTERMEDIATE level, you can attend the BEGINNER training sessions, as well! Take advantage of the opportunity!

DC Stunt Coalition Private Training


The DC Stunt Coalition also offers training for actors who need to prep for action-oriented roles. Private training sessions start at $60 / Hour.

Private training is available for students under 18, either on Sundays before DCSC sessions, Saturday evenings, or other available times by appointment.

dc stunt coalition membership gymnastic hand stands


Membership to the DC Stunt Coalition starts at $30* a month. A one-time, up-front registration fee of $30 is required to participate in your first session.**

Here’s a breakdown of where that money goes and what you receive:

$30 for 4 sessions per month, 5 hours per session = 20 hours of training a month for $30. That’s potentially $1.50 per hour for a whole month.

Member dues are for monthly rent at the MarVaTots facility, as well as assisting with occasional stunt gear related purchases, such as training weapons and safety gear.

*Members who have attended prior to 2017 have been grandfathered into the original dues price of $20 per month. Members who join in 2017 will be grandfathered into $30 per month even if prices rise in the future.

**We require an upfront registration payment ($30) in order to assist with our annual insurance policy.

Other recommended items for training: